New Population Projections for Radiuses

You’ve told us how much you love being able to peek into the future with city population projections. So, we thought, why not dial it in closer to your area of interest?

What’s Included

You’ll get a concise overview of population changes around your location, with historical data from 2017 and 2022 from the U.S. Census Bureau, alongside projections for 2023 and 2028 from Applied Geographic Solutions. You'll see percent changes for your radii reflecting growth trends. It's a straightforward way to visualize the expected population changes in your target area — all in one easy-to-understand table.
Population Projections

How We Crunch the Numbers: Historical 

Our 2017 figures come from the same tried-and-true Census dataset and methodology that we use to paint the demographic picture for 2022.

How We Crunch the Numbers: Projections

We’ve team up with the wizards at Applied Geographic Solutions (AGS). They whip up the 2023 and 2028 forecasts using their own blend of demographic magic for the U.S. Census block groups. 
Our data partner, Applied Geographic Solutions (AGS), applies their secret sauce to produce the 2023 and 2028 population projections for US Census block groups. We take those projections and apply our own method—the same one that brings you the 2022 insights—to give you a glimpse of what's on the horizon.

How To Get Your Projections

When you order your radius report here:, be sure to select "Population Projections +$25" button.

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