Does the report come in different formats?

You can get the report in the following formats:

  •          PDF (sample)
  •          Excel (sample)
  •          Excel for multiple reports (sample)

PDF and Excel are the most popular formats. They are delivered instantly after you place your order. The PDF report is ideal for sharing with investors or bankers if you don’t need to make any edits or remove tables from the report. The Excel report is the right format if you want to do your own calculations on the data. The Excel for multiple reports option makes it easy to compare and filter demographics between multiple locations.

If you would like to pull the map and tables out of the document to include in a presentation or other document, then we may also provide a Word report. After adding your report to your cart, you may add an extra note in the "Order special instructions" box  with something along the lines of "I would like the WORD (.doc) format as well."

If you order a basic report, then you would immediately receive your PDF and Excel files, and the Word file would be delivered in 1 business day. Typically, custom radius reports with +1 day add-ons are emailed out in the morning. If it's noon of the day you expect to receive your report and it's not in your inbox, please check your SPAM folder. If your report isn't in your SPAM folder, contact us via this form or by phone at 1.800.939.2130 with an alternative email address. We're here to help.