Customize Your Radius Report with Add-Ons

Your business is unique. Since 2009, our clients have been asking us to customize their Radius Reports to help them get the right data to make the best decisions. Below are the most popular customizations.

Add-On Price Turnaround Details
Most Popular
Traffic counts & map

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+$50 1 business day The only time that you are happy about lots of traffic is when it’s right outside of your business’ door. You can add the most current year estimates from Kalibrate. We use Kalibrate data because: 
  1. Kalibrate sources their data from public & private data sources. This means that for certain areas, they have more traffic counts than the public data sources alone. 
  2. Kalibrate’s data are consistent across states. If you need a Radius Report in New York city where you want to see traffic counts for both New York and New Jersey, your traffic data will be consistent rather than using 2016 New York data versus 2018 New Jersey data.If the Kalibrate traffic data doesn’t have enough current traffic counts for a particularly rural area, then we double check with either the Federal Highway Administration dataset or the state Department of Transportation datasets. So you get the best of both worlds – current data from a private data source supplemented by government data when appropriate.
City population projections +$25 1 business day Every Radius Report includes county population projections, but some businesses want city level population projections as well. Our team first researches current city population projection data from government data sources. If we can’t find current enough data, then we purchase population projection data from a private data vendor. 
More than 3 radius distances +$50 1 business day For some locations, 3 radius distances just aren’t enough. Our team manually builds you a report with data for 3 more radiuses. So you can get data for up to 6 radiuses in 1 report. 
Three drive times instead of radius distances  +$50 2 business days If drive times are key to your business, consider getting demographic data for travel sheds (e.g. 5 minutes, 10 minutes and 15 minutes) instead of radiuses (5 miles, 10 miles and 15 miles). We need an extra day to generate drive time polygons and load them into our system, so you’ll get your report in 2 business days instead of 1 business day. 
Custom area instead of radiuses +$50 2 business days If you email us a map image with your area of interest drawn on it (or even better, a spatial file), you can get a report with demographics for your custom area instead of for radiuses. Contact Kristen to talk about this option.
Competitor list & map  +$199 2 business days If you are interested in current competitor locations for 1 type of business, you can get a map image, an online, interactive map and an Excel spreadsheet with competitor locations. We typically purchase competitor location data from private vendors depending on your industry. Then we run intersection calculations to only display the locations that intersect your largest radius distance in your maps.
Custom Calculations  +$100 2 business days If you must have demographic data that’s above and beyond the most popular data points in our Radius Report, our team can do custom manual calculations and add the results to your report. Some popular custom calculations are health insurance, vehicles available, mean or average income, employment, language, median age, and veterans.  Contact Kristen with questions.